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Book Cover - Relocating to Mexico

"An indispensable resource for anyone making a move..."

Thousands of expatriates from all over the world have had to learn the details and tricks to living in Mexico the hard way -- by experience. Reliable and timely information on what to expect in relocating to Mexico has been sorely lacking in availability. The book Relocating to Mexico fills this void and makes the transition into Mexican life smoother. It is unique in that it was developed by applying the professional advice of relocation experts to the information gathered from in-depth interviews of both Mexicans and expatriates.

The relocation experts at International Relocation Services  have over 75 years of combined experience in assisting foreigners in setting up their new life in Mexico. Using this hands-on experience, they developed the concept of Relocating to Mexico and provided the framework for a useful and practical relocation tool.  Relocating to Mexico was printed in a joint effort with  the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico.  The book especially focuses on Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, but its information may be applied to nearly all urban areas in Mexico.

Designed to appeal to a broad audience, Relocating to Mexico is an invaluable resource for companies sending personnel to Mexico, retirees, students, entrepreneurs, cross-cultural trainers, relocation companies and anyone else who may be making a move to Mexico. It can be useful to those who are contemplating a move to Mexico, those in the planning stages, the newly arrived or those who have been in the country for a short time.

In addition to providing general tips on how to make a successful cultural transition into Mexican life, the book gives concrete information on setting up a new home in Mexico. Beginning with the considerations that should be taken into account before leaving the home country, Relocating to Mexico, goes on to detail the specific steps needed to find and manage a home, handle finances, stay healthy, find schools for children and much more. Detailed contact information can be found in every chapter and at the end of the book.

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