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International Relocation Services provides comprehensive relocation services custom-tailored to your needs.  The following is an example of a standard home-finding package.

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"Full Basic Orientation/Home-finding Program"
Normally based on five (non-consecutive or consecutive) days assistance for the expatriate family with schooling needs and/or special assistance.  For singles or couples, the same services can be provided in three days.



  • General city orientation and familiarization tour with Information packet


  • Home search


  • Coordination with appointed security advisors if required by the corporation





  • Assistance with lease or purchase negotiations and agreements


  • Arrangements to see international and local schools (if applicable).


  • Assistance in locating appropriate medical specialists and facilities


Torre Mayor - Mexico City
  • Property check-in report & inventory

Extra days charged as needed based upon prior agreement.

            Additional Services that are available include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance in making arrangements for utilities


  • Finding and making arrangements for temporary accommodations


  • Assistance with furniture rental or purchases


  • Dealing with driving in Mexico


  • Translation and interpretation as required


Post Office Mexico City
  • Providing cost of living data


  • Assistance in complying with government-required documents and registrations, such as driver's licenses


  • Referrals to our network of expert attorneys for matters such as immigration documentation


  • Locating language instruction custom-tailored to client needs


  • Inter-cultural training


  • Home sale


  • Disconnect services upon end of assignment (e.g., lease termination, disconnecting utilities, etc.)

Mexico City (D.F.) Phone:

011 (52) 555-538-7788

011 (52) 555-519-4310 (Ph/Fax)




Phone:  (505) 715-6603

            This is a U.S. telephone number we

can answer in the U.S. or Mexico.


 Proud Member of the International Relocation Association and EURA 

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