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Patricia Hogan, a native of Texas and long-time resident of Mexico, founded International Relocation Services in 1975.  Since that time, the company has become the premiere relocation provider in Mexico. 

Patricia's expertise includes housing options in Mexico and she has a keen insight into and well-developed network in immigration issues, security concerns, and environmental and political concerns affecting the expatriate community.

Patricia holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master of science degree from Texas Tech University.  She is actively involved as a board member of the American Chamber of Commerce of Mexico.

Susan Hanson is a senior partner with International Relocation Services, having joined the company in 1986.

Susan was born in Saskatchewan, Canada, and studied and practiced Specialized Nursing in Canada for several years.  She earned a master's degree in education from the University of Illinois.  Susan has continued her professional endeavors in Mexico for over 25 years.

Susan is fully bilingual and has focused her efforts in relocation services in Mexico City.  She is an expert on identifying outstanding housing options and providing the support expatriates expect as they acclimate themselves to a new environment.

Picture of Susan Hanson
Picture of Amparo Arellano Amparo Arellano joined International Relocation Services in 1986 and is now a senior partner with the company specializing in finding homes for expatriates and providing orientation services.  Her special expertise is augmented by her prior experience as a  real estate agent as well as a human resources specialist. 

Amparo was formerly associated with the  law firm of Miranda, Santamarina & Steta and Bank of America N.T. & S.A

Amparo was born in Mexico City and graduated from the Oxford School.  She speaks English and Spanish, and is able to communicate in French. 

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